A Haunted House Comedy
A young couple unwittingly spends all their money on a new home only to discover a terrible secret that puts not only their lives, but their afterlives at risk.

Starring - Sammie Lideen
                Drew Leatham
                Cody Hunt
                Alison Campbell
                Colleen Hartnett
                Harley Queen
                Eli Hurst
                Eli James Hurst
                Teuila Desiree Lafi
                Maddox Simmons
                Xander Simmons
With -     Shelly Boucher
And: -      Michael DeCamp
Directed By - Sean Oliver
Written By - Sean Oliver & Drew Leatham
Cinematography By - Daniel Mendoza
Score By - D.A. McCormick
Visual Effects Supervisor - Paul DeNigris
Visual Effects - Foxtrot X-Ray
Colorist - Nichole Kizer

Production Manager - Kellie Mendoza
Makeup Department Head - Andrea Consalvi
Production Sound Mixer - Nick Gasmena
Post Production Sound - CE Productions
Art Director - Cody Hunt
Wardrobe By - Kendra Perpich

Associate Producer - Traci Atwood
Lorie Roberts
Michael Sobek
Timothy R. James
Robert L. Thompson
Dr. Adrian Low
Kyle Dockum
Heather R. Chambers
Christopher D. Lue Sang
Phoenix Palm Productions Presents
In Association with Amoroma Productions
A Third Productions Film